St. Jones Reserve/DNERR Level One Model (H and greater only)
Non-Tidal River or Creek, Fuzzy Logic Narrowed: Mod. 5/5/04 Fuzzy Logic Results:     Footnotes:  
Line colors are only to distinguish pathways, and have no weighting value       A1) Mosquitos high  
Thick lines represent particularly strong links.      => 95% (2 SD)      <= 95% (2 SD)    
     => 68% (1 SD)      <= 68% (1 SD)    
     within 1 SD of mean  
  5   5   5   5   4       3   4   5   5      
  Development   Agric. Crops   Agric. Animal                   Mitigation/ Habitat Restoration   Groundwater Withdrawal       Climate Change   Land Use Reg.   Non-Point Source Reg.   Point Source Reg.      
Physical   Chemical   Biol.   Climate  
  Hydrology   Groundwater               Habitat Disturb Loss                   Nutrients (part. nitrates)                   Pesticide Herbicide                      
      Biogeochemical Processes (nutrients/TMDLs)   Primary Productivity       Fish Community   Aquatic Insects