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Our Donors

Wildcat!Mr. Earl B. & Mrs. Gwendolyn D. Anderson

Wildcat!Jennifer & Henry Adams

Wildcat!Ms. Audrey D. Alexander

Wildcat!Ms. Asia-Lige' Arnold

Wildcat!Mrs. Mamie W. Ashby

Wildcat!B-CC Class of 1984

Wildcat!Mrs. Stephanie Williams Baldwin

Wildcat!Mr. Anthony D. Barfield II

Wildcat!Mrs. Alice H. Barrs

Wildcat!Mrs. Gloria W. Bartley

Wildcat!Mr. Alphonso Bass

Wildcat!Mrs. Esther B. Baylor

Wildcat!Becker & Paliakoff, P.A.

Wildcat!Mr. Alson S. Been

Wildcat!Willie & Beatrice Benjamin & Family

Wildcat!Ms. Courtney Bennett

Wildcat!Mr. Lewis Bell, Jr.

Wildcat!Mr. Ricky J. Bell

Wildcat!Betsey Funeral Home

Wildcat!Mr. Richard E. Black

Wildcat!Ms. Taylor Bland

Wildcat!Mrs. Bernita S. Bobo

Wildcat!Mrs. Kathy B. Booker

Wildcat!Mr. Ernest A. Boyd

Wildcat!Ms. Felicia A. Boyd

Wildcat!Dr. and Mrs. Oswald P. Bronson, Sr.

Wildcat!Mr. Joe L. Brown

Wildcat!Mrs. Lonneen M. Brown-Samuels

Wildcat!Mr. Mickel A. Brown, Sr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Blondell W. Browning

Wildcat!Dr. Lisa B. Browning

Wildcat!Mrs. Michelle D. Brundidge

Wildcat!Ms. Debra A. Bryan

Wildcat!Mr. John L. Bryan, Jr.

Wildcat!John and Lee Bryan

Wildcat!Ms. Tamara N. Bryan

Wildcat!Mrs. Edith C. Bush

Wildcat!Ms. Dana Burns

Wildcat!Mr. Eddie C. Campbell

Wildcat!Mr. Joseph A. Campbell

Wildcat!Ms. Olivia D. Carmichael-Brown

Wildcat!Minister Rosalind K. Carter

Wildcat!Mrs. Michelle V. Carter-Scott

Wildcat!The Honorable Prince Cartwright

Wildcat!Mr. Raymond L. Carswell

Wildcat!The Reverend Cynthia O. Carter

Wildcat!Ms. Julia T. Cherry

Wildcat!Dr. Janice E. Choice

Wildcat!Ms. Margaret D. Chukuma

Wildcat!Mrs. Willie M. Church

Wildcat!Ms. Carman C. Clark

Wildcat!Mrs. Crissetta M. Clark

Wildcat!Mrs. Harriett A. Clary

Wildcat!Mr. Roger B. Clary

Wildcat!Mr. Audley Coakley

Wildcat!Ms. Charlann M. Coakley

Wildcat!Ms. Valerie Cobb

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cochran

Wildcat!Mr. Charles Coleman

Wildcat!Mrs. Patricia C. Conaway

Wildcat! Mr. Damion L. Cook

Wildcat!Dr. Dorothy A. Cook

Wildcat!Mr. Walter L. Cruse

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Cunningham

Wildcat!Mr. Reginald A. Cunningham

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. John E. Culmer

Wildcat!Dr. Lorraine D. Daniels-Day

Wildcat!Ms. Helen D. Davis

Wildcat!Mr. Kevin L. Davis

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Reginald L. Davis

Wildcat!Mr. Edward W. Dawkins

Wildcat!Alice & Edgar Dean

Wildcat!Mr. Anthony H. Depass

Wildcat!Ms. Kathy T. Desmore

Wildcat!Mr. Andra G. & Mrs. Constance G. Drew

Wildcat!Mrs. Lerosa M. Dixon

Wildcat!Mrs. Brenda H. Durden

Wildcat!Ms. Mia Ellison

Wildcat!Ms. Veronica Evans

Mr. Craig W. Finley

Wildcat!Ms. Apryl D. Floyd

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Frazier

Wildcat!Mrs. Lillie L. Fleming

Wildcat!Mrs. Emmie W. Frink

Wildcat!Ms. Kelli L. Fuller

Wildcat!Mr. Milton A. Gaddy

Wildcat!Mrs. Barbara S. Gamble

Wildcat!Mr. Joyours Gamble

Wildcat!Mr. George Gibson, Jr.

Wildcat!Mr. James L. Gilchrist

Wildcat!Ms. Sharon J. Glover

Wildcat!Reverend and Mrs. Victor E. Gooden

Wildcat!Ms. D'Jara Goosby

Wildcat!Mrs. Avis J. Gordon

Wildcat!Mrs. Jacqueline D. Grant

Wildcat!Ms. Silvia C. Grant

Wildcat!Ms. Brenda L. Gray

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. John M. Grayson

Wildcat!Ms. Phyllis N. Green

Wildcat!Mr. Artis G. Hall

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Harper

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hayes, Jr.

Wildcat!Mr. James Haynes

Wildcat!Mr. Alfred J. Hill

Wildcat!Mrs. Margaret D. Hill

Wildcat!Ms. Marsha T. Hill

Wildcat!Mr. Ronald D. Hill

Wildcat!The Honorable Wilbert T. Holloway

Wildcat!Ms. Brenda Holt

Wildcat!Mr. Charleston L. Holt, Sr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Geraldine B. Holt

Wildcat!Mrs. Alma C. Horne

Wildcat!Dr. A. Ronald Hudson

Wildcat!Mr. Mason Hurst

Wildcat!INTOUCH Logistic Services, Inc.

Wildcat!Ms. Christine A. Jacobs

Wildcat!Mrs. Sheila D. Jackson

Wildcat!Dr. & Mrs. Kevin M. James, Sr.

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Jefferies

Wildcat! Mr. Lloyd C. Johnson

Wildcat!Ms. Josephine M. Johnson

Wildcat!Vickie D. Johnson, Esq.

Wildcat!Mrs. JoAnn Jones

Wildcat!Mr. Willie F. Jones, Jr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Marilyn H. Jordan

Wildcat!Mrs. Vivian M. Kitchen

Wildcat!Mrs. Roberta G. Knowles

Wildcat!Mrs. Lisa King-Tyson

Wildcat!Mrs. Peggy K. Lee

Wildcat!Mr. Larry C. Little

Wildcat!Mrs. Deborah A. Long

Wildcat! Mr. Harold Lucas

Wildcat!Mr. Harold V. Lucas III

Wildcat!Ms. J. Robin McClairen

Wildcat!Ms. Janeen L. Mack

Wildcat!Dr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Marshall

Wildcat!Ms. Carolyn W. Martin

Wildcat!Mr. Nekeyma R. Martin

Wildcat!Dr. Carrie G. Marquess

Wildcat!Ms. Christella Matthews

Wildcat!Mr. Andrew K. Mathis

Wildcat!Mr. Kelvin G. Mayner

Wildcat!Mr. James A. McCarty, Sr.

Wildcat!Mr. Johnny L. McCray, Jr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Patricia N. McGowan

Wildcat!Ms. Janice E. McIntosh

Wildcat!Mr. Robert L. McKinzie, Jr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Margaret J. McPhillips

Wildcat!The Honorable Shirlyon J. McWhorter

Wildcat!Mr. Leon Miller, Jr.

Wildcat!Mr. Darrell W. Miles

Wildcat!Mr. Israel H. Milton

Wildcat!Mr. Jimmy Mincey

Wildcat!Ms. Martha M. Mitchell

Wildcat!Mr. Thomas W. Mitchell

Wildcat!Ms. Robin G. Moncur

Wildcat!Mr. E. Dean Montgomery

Wildcat!Dr. Russell Mootry, Jr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Elizabeth S. Munnings

Wildcat!Dr. Alice E. Moore

Wildcat!Mr. Harry T. & Mrs. Lucille L. Morris

Wildcat!Mrs. Angelique M. Nasah

Wildcat!Ms. Latisa Nelson

Wildcat!Mrs. Merceda G. Nicholson

Wildcat!Mr. Samuel W. Oliver, Jr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Bridget S. Orey

Wildcat!Mayor Ernest Page

Wildcat!Mrs. Sherry D. Paramore

Wildcat!Mrs. Anita C. Parrish

Wildcat!Mrs. Florence Parish

Wildcat!Mr. Henry Parish, Sr.

Wildcat! Mr. Kirit Patel

Wildcat!Ms. Lanita F. Parrish

Wildcat!Ms. Janis D. Payne

Wildcat!Mrs. Shelia A. Payne

Wildcat!Ms. Sharlee Peabody

Wildcat!Ms. Angelia Perry

Wildcat!Ms. Aundrea Perry

Wildcat!Mrs. Helen W. Perry

Wildcat!Mr. Steven L. Perry

Wildcat!Mr. George D. Pettice

Wildcat!Mr. James Poitier

Wildcat!Mr. Sylvester T. Polk

Wildcat!Dr. Masood Poorandi

Coach Wyatt


Wildcat!Rev. Henry and Mrs. Beverly Postell

Wildcat!Dr. Hiram C. Powell

Wildcat!Mr. Dhand N. Presley

Wildcat!Mrs. Eyvette T. Presley

Wildcat!Mr. Lionel Quinn

Wildcat! Dr. Trudie Kibbe Reed

Wildcat!Mr. John S. Reeves

Wildcat!Commissioner Cassandra G. Reynolds

Wildcat!Mr. Lee E. Rhyant

Wildcat!Ms. Marisa G. Richard

Wildcat!Mr. James W. Robinson

Wildcat!Mrs. Lutheria J. Rooke

Wildcat!Mr. Dan S. Ryan

Wildcat!Ms. Sherry Ricks

Wildcat! Ms. Christine H. Robinson

Wildcat!Ms. Tymira W. Roberts

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Ross, Jr.

Wildcat!Ms. Alice Rozier

Wildcat!Mrs. Viola Sampson

Wildcat!The Rev. Lugenia P. Sanchez

Wildcat!Mrs. Gina A. Sanders

Wildcat!Ms. Shonda L. Saunders

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Scott

Wildcat!Mr. Robert R. Scott, Jr.

Wildcat!Dr. John & Mrs. Molbert R. Scrivens

Wildcat! Mr. Robert W. Sessoms

Wildcat! Dr. Indravadan P. Shah

Wildcat!Mr. John L. Shaw

Wildcat!Dr. Brenda R. Simmons

Wildcat!Mr. Chas. A. Simmons

Wildcat!Mrs. Trenisha M. Simmons

Wildcat!Mr. Tovarre & Mrs. Charlesetta C. Simpson

Wildcat!Mrs. Gloria E. Sims-Brown

Wildcat!Mrs. Betty L. Slater

Wildcat!Mrs. Barbara D. Smith

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smith

Wildcat!Mrs. Essie M. Smith

Wildcat!The Reverend Golden Smith

Wildcat!Mr. Greg Smith

Wildcat!Dr. Mary A. Smith

Wildcat!Mr. Edward and Mrs. Cheryl Stewart

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Strachan, Sr.

Wildcat!Drs. Richard J. and Lorraine Strachan, Sr.

Wildcat!Mrs. Rusha L. Sullivan

Wildcat!Mrs. Linda R. Swain

Wildcat!Mr. Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.

Wildcat!Ms. Rose Thomas

Wildcat!Mrs. Joan C. Thompson

Wildcat!Ms. Lola Thompson

Wildcat! Mr. Lynn W. Thompson

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Trapp

Wildcat!Ms. Brenda G. Troutman

Wildcat!Mrs. Birdie E. Underwood

Wildcat!Dr. Minoo R. Vaghaiwalla

Wildcat!Ms. Julia F. Vickers

Wildcat!Volusia County Alumni Association

Wildcat!Mr. Trever T. Wade

Wildcat!Mrs. Cynthia E. Walker-Bland

Wildcat!Mr. and Mrs. Troy M. Walker

Wildcat!Mr. Matt J. Walters II

Wildcat!Ms. Cathy D. Washington

Wildcat!Mrs. Betoria W. Watson

Wildcat!Mr. Lewis & Mrs. Arthurene S. Williams

Wildcat!Mr. Benjamin J. Williams

Wildcat!Charles & Shamela Williams

Wildcat!Ms. Deri D. Williams and Mrs. Barbara Williams

Wildcat!Harold & Takita Williams

Wildcat!Mr. John H. Williams

Wildcat!Mr. Levoyd L. Williams

Wildcat!Dr. Robert Williams

Wildcat!Mr. Roosevelt C. Williams

Wildcat!Ms. Esther B. Wilson

Wildcat!Mr. John A. Williams, Sr.

Wildcat! Mr. Lee Williams

Wildcat! Ms. Mariam Williams

Wildcat!Mrs. Mayola R. Williams

Wildcat! Mr. Rufus L. Wilson

Wildcat!Ms. Trelawney R. Wise

Wildcat!Mr. Clifford H. Wright

Wildcat!Mrs. Hazel S. Wright

Wildcat!Mrs. Martha H. Wright

Wildcat! Mr. Alvin B. Wyatt

Wildcat!Mrs. Helen W. Young

If your name is not listed or you have questions, please call Sharon Bostick-Isaac at (386) 481-2953 or e-mail bosticks@cookman.edu

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Updated October 17, 2005

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